Christilia Angelica Widjaja is the founder and CEO of Yourpay.

Christilia is a happy mom of two and is an Indonesian social entrepreneur, graduated Magna Cumlaude from Seattle University with major of Marketing and minor in Finance. Born from the third generations of a family of entrepreneurs, Christilia understands how doing businesses. -If it is done with genuine empathy- can make changes and be a way to improve the lives of many to the better.

In 2016, Christilia met with KH. Said Aqil Siraq the thoughts leaders of the Indonesian Moslem community Nahdlatul Ulama, and she learned how the Migrant Workers are facing day to day challenges, hurdles, and hiccups due to lack of financial literacy and exclusion from the financial services. Then she developed and studied about how to make the world a better place for them and to empower them to be less vulnerable through Fintech.

First getting to know the potential users up close and personal, Christilia started the R&D and initial tech developments of Yourpay in 2017, attained license in end of 2019, finally launched Yourpay in google play for the users at the first time in June 2020.

“The perspective and positioning of Yourpay is a trusted and faithful friend of the Migrant Workers. Above all, before seeing them as a traction, numbers, or user, we see them as a human, as a woman, as a mom, as a breadwinner of the family” – Christilia Angelica Widjaja, 2021.

Until April 2021 YTD, the GTV of Yourpay has been growing organically to 110 Billion IDR from 50,000 total customer base in merely 9 months after launching with zero marketing budget.


Yourpay is a super app Fintech application launched in Indonesia to cater the needs of Indonesian Migrant Workers overseas and their families at home. The core services of Yourpay are Too Up, Cash Out, Payment, and Purchase. At the moment there are over than 37.000 agents, top up centers of Yourpay in all over Indonesia, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Singapore.

The payment facilities of Yourpay are also capable of facilitating direct payment from the users overseas into more than 2000 Merchants from schools, hospitals, various utility tokens, and buying daily needs. In average, Yourpay is helping the Migrant Workers to save costs up to 10,5x per month in managing their payments and personal finances directly. Yourpay is committed to advocating the dignity of works, and dignity of the human of Migrant Workers through direct & real-time control capabilities to what they earn, financial inclusivity, and financial literacy.

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This Newsroom belong to Yourpay Ecosystem is aimed at journalists. All Content and Story of the Migrant Workers referenced on this Yourpay Newsroom are intended purely to inspire, illustrate and share information on our commitment towards advocating the dignity of works, dignity of the human of the Migrant Workers through financial inclusivity and financial literacy.